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Jeremy Price
The Writer's Climb Workshop and Seminar series, presented by Jeremy Price, deploys fiction-writing techniques to help with all kinds of writing.

The Writer's Climb Workshop

These fun and supportive workshops help students to achieve excellence in all kinds of writing with training in suspension of the editorial impulse, balancing freedom of thought and focus, thinking by means of writing, and even finding the reason to write in the first place. Focused on imagination and unleashing expression, they also provide tools for effective revision as well as an understanding of the writing process. The Writer's Climb Workshop may be tailored in several ways, depending on the needs of the group, to develop core abilities while preparing students for specific writing tasks, including coursework, standardized tests, and college applications.

The Writer's Climb Parent Seminar

The Writer's Climb Parent Seminar provides specific coaching strategies for parents who want to help their kids become more confident and effective writers, rather than carp or co-author. This seminar is offered free of charge to schools and parent groups.

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